Project May The Fourth

About the Researcher

My name is Cristy Rodriguez Rivas. I am a Communication & Performing Arts student with a lifelong love for all things Star Wars. I am also the Stage Manager for Arts Under the Stars. I had a lot of fun performing in 2016, running the show in 2017, so I thought it would be fun to try to present research for AUTS 2018. In Fall, I wrote my research paper with guidance from Dr. Lisa Barry of the Communication department and this Spring I collaborated with Jazz 2 and Professor Heather Castillo to present Project May The Fourth.

As a musician and Star Wars fan, I have always loved listening to film scores and soundtracks to connect with the kind of music being presented and how that music interweaves into a film. Orchestral and choral music has always fascinated my imagination and I love sitting down and picking pieces apart as I’m listening to them. Star Wars was part and parcel to my development while I was growing up to understand stories, music, and how film uses both to create emotion. Not only was this franchise elemental in my development as a musician but also as a person. I saw women being leaders, watched my heroes struggle with their destinies, learned that unexpected events could lead to grand adventures, and that I was never alone. Star Wars made me feel like I belonged to something bigger, grander and more beautiful. I was in this community of people that felt like a galaxy of individuals in one great spirit. Was this The Force? Maybe.

Project May The Fourth was born when I was at Celebration 2017 in Orlando last March. I was waiting in one of the overnight lines and thought to myself “I flew out here on a weekday and I have a hotel room. Why am I in a line for over 12 hours on the convention center floor?!” I realized that it was because Star Wars meant a lot to me. I looked around and saw people from all over the world that were gathered here. I knew Star Wars meant a lot to all of us and I wanted to dig deeper into what that meant on an individual level. How could a sci-fi movie from the 70s still have such a huge impact in film and pop culture today? I decided to look at something that was a universal language: music.

About the Research

Music in film is a collaborative process. There is a lot written about music in film and about the music of Star Wars but, I wanted to bridge the gap between the screen and the fans. I wondered how fans felt about the music of Star Wars and sought to demonstrate it in a visual context. I chose Star Wars because of its closeness to my own heart and after being inspired by the 40th anniversary celebration in Orlando, Florida.

I created an online interview-style survey where participants listened to 10 pieces of music that I selected from the Star Wars films and wrote about their emotions and memories associated with the pieces. What I found in my paper was that the same piece of music can have a similar effect on people but, the memories and experiences can be varied.

Movies and their music make us as an audience feel a certain way; excitement, suspense, peace, sorrow, heartache. All these things are emotions can be shown through the language of motion. In Arts Under The Stars, I wanted to present the emotions that my participants shared with dancers as a moving and breathing language. I thought that if I took away the visual of the film and had only the audio, the visual language of dance would speak to the emotion itself.

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