Jelee The Producer

Notes from Band Producer

Hi I’m Jonas Erasmus Lee. I am a highschool music teacher, a song writer, an audio engineer, and a musican. I play in a couple cover bands as well as some original projects around Ventura and LA county. I am the head engineer and director at Cool Noise Records in Moorpark. I direct the IVY Tech Band and  assistant direct the PVSD Childrens Choir. I’ll be graduating with a performing arts in degree in music from CSU Channel Islands in Spring 2018.

Music to me is life. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid banging on a plastic glockenspiel to record an album of all original music. I’ve always wanted something I could smack down on a table and exclaim, ” look people I did that”. I wanted to make something that exists ! Something that I could put on the record player and feel accomplished! It doesn’t matter whether the album went anywhere or sounded could ! I just wanted to finish something ! And now I finally have. – Jonas Lee