In Memoriam-1

In Memoriam

Arts Under The Stars is beginning a tradition of recognizing those in the CI community that we have lost. We invite submissions remembering all members of our CI family we have lost over our 16 years.

If you would like to recognize a member of our CI family or you are part of the CI family and have lost an important and immediate family member, please send the information listed below.

Two part submission process

Part 1 Photo Submission:

Please submit up to three high quality photos or scans to the dropbox link below. We will use at least one photo per submission. If time allows, we may use up to three. Please name the file with the last name and the first name separated by a period and a number ordering the desirability of the photos to be shown. Use 1 for most desirable photo. For example:

Use link below for photo submission

Photo Submission

Part 2 Written Submission:

Please fill out the following Google form. This will allow us to contact you with any questions and connect people who have submitted the same person.  Each individual may have a written dedication in any language up to 200 words that will appear on the AUTS website that is connected to the digital program. 

In Memoriam Google form

Please submit by April 27. We will take submissions past April 27 up until the performance on May 4 for those who leave us during that window of time. Understand it takes time to create a beautiful presentation , and we will do our best to include any late submissions.

For more information please contact