In Memoriam

Notes on the In Memoriam musical accompaniment:

Dragonfly is an original composition by David Daniels, who is a staff member at CI.  Dragonfly was written in Loving Memory of Dr. Cause Hanna, former Director of the Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS), who we lost in August due to cancer.  David worked with Cause and thereafter formed a friendship with him and his family.  Cause was an inspiration to the entire CI community for his inclusive approach to research and enthusiasm for student engagement.  He had a way of engaging students beyond academics, such as having them think of their greater sense of place and purpose.  He would ask them to consider what their spirit animal was, or to take the time to have it be revealed to them if they didn’t know.  Cause’s spirit animal was the dragonfly; the embodiment of Cause’s spirit and his spirit animal drives the creative influence behind the song.  David considers it an immense pleasure to perform this work live, in concert with CI faculty, students and staff, and in dedication to Cause and to all those who seek comfort in times of loss.

Arthur William Baker

My father gave me everything–even what was not his to give: the ocean, the stars, a sense of wonder and awe for the world. He was a good, good man.

Joey Bock

Joey Bock was a kind and profusely extroverted person. Whenever there was an opportunity, he would help people. He would make people laugh in exactly the right way. He is loved by his sisters, parents, family, and all his friends. It is up to us to continue his legacy. In his own words, “let’s make the world a better place.” May his memory be a blessing and a reminder to help others and, even with just a smile, make the world a better and brighter place.

Bryan Carter

Bryan was a caring, loyal, and protective man. He was a son, brother, father, uncle, and friend to many. At 12, in the school yearbook, he was known for being funny and kind, hoping to be a pilot someday. His favorite bible verse was 1 Cor 13: 4-8 “Love suffers long and is kind … Love never fails.” We miss Bryan every day, as we lost him too early on July 17, 2017 at the young age of 36. He was computer savvy, and could always find a way to fix any technical glitch. Bryan’s biggest priority was to love and care for his three girls, Kiara, Aliaa, and Hailee. He was part of the “Good Dad Gang’. His big heart and laughter will never be forgotten. We hold on to the memories of Bryan in our hearts.

Arturo Galang

Arturo Galang was a loving husband, father of six, and grandfather of nine. He was a family man with a contagious smile and laugh. My grandfather was the best. He taught me to embrace my love for sports – particularly golf and basketball. He bought my first set of golf clubs and showed me how to take on the world even when complications arise. He was a great man, and even greater grandfather. I miss your laugh and smile. Thanks for being in my life. I will miss you tremendously, ‘tay.


Dr. Cause Hanna

Dr. Cause Hanna was the first director of the Santa Rosa Island Research Station. In that role he shaped the growth and development of the station and impacted the lives of thousands of students. He built a vision for the station that included more than the academic disciplines one would expect to be active at a facility like this. As a result, 18 of CI’s majors engaged in projects on the island during his leadership and many students experienced a wilderness setting for the first time. Cause received national recognition in the form of the Human Diversity Award from the Organization of Biological Field Stations for his work in making field stations accessible to first generation and non-traditional students. Cause also made significant contributions to research and data collection that help the National Park Service better manage the unique environment of Santa Rosa Island. He was a source of inspiration for those around him and the guiding spirit behind one of CI’s great treasures. His wife Tracy and daughter Solstice were often with him on the island and the family welcomed Be, his youngest daughter, into the family last year before his passing.


Rachel Huff

Rachel Huff was a loving wife and mother of two who was an advocate for the disadvantaged, an incredible presence at CSU Channel Islands, Board President at the Tri-Counties Association for the Developmentally Disabled, a wish granter for Make-A-Wish and in service to others in too many ways to list. The CSU Channel Islands Public Safety team and numerous cross divisional friends miss her dearly. Her departure leaves a hole in the heart of everyone who knew her. We carry her heart, we carry her in our hearts.

Guillermo Jiménez B.

In memory of Guillermo Jiménez. A wonderful, wise, good-hearted man devoted to his family. A man that sacrificed everything to offer his family a better life. A father who always encouraged and supported his daughters to get an education, because he knew it will always stay with you. A humble man who always had a warm smile, a word of inspiration, and a helping hand. Thank you Dad… Everything my sisters and I are is all because of you. I love you and miss you dearly!


Brian Kuczynski

Brian Kuczynski was a student at CSUCI from 2013-2015. As a member of the Endurance Club, Brian spent a lot of time traveling and running with his teammates. His friendly presence and bountiful energy was always put to best use by making sure everyone that surrounded him was having fun. He was one of those people who would go out of his way to make someone else feel happy, or sit with you for hours in deep conversation on a variety of interesting subjects. From playing intramural soccer with the Goal Diggers, to gathering for Friends-Giving in a Town Center dorm room, and even that time he made “Panda Express” for a roomful of friends, there are countless memories that we all collectively share. Despite his physical absence, Brian continues to live in the hearts and minds of all those he touched with his kind heart and enthusiastic spirit. We miss you Brian, and you will never be forgotten by your friends who loved you.


Dr. Henry “Hank” Lacayo

Henry L. ‘Hank’ Lacayo was an early and important friend of CSUCI and had a very special and deep connection to our University. He was instrumental in the founding of our Henry L. ‘Hank’ Lacayo Institute for Workforce & Community Studies, was a founding member of the President’s Circle and served as a member of our Foundation Board. In 2012, he was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters and often said it was one of his proudest moments. Hank was a true steward of our mission whose impact on all of us, our community, and our country will never be forgotten.

Dr. Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee was a personal friend. An endearing personality full of hope and optimism. I always remembered him biking on campus and coming to my office to drop off the avocados that I absolutely loved! We dined at his beautiful home, played with his dogs and shared a lovely meal over plenty of laughter. When he was diagnosed with cancer he immediately contacted me as I am in the cancer biology area and also teach courses related to cancer. Daniel was kind enough to come to my class personally and talk to my students about his diagnosis, his treatment and his hopes. He never ever gave up and always looked for the best clinical trials so he could enrol. He extensively discussed his treatment options and genomic profiles with me and was very hopeful about immunotherapy. I will always miss him and cherish him as a true friend. He will always be remembered for him simplicity, his thorough gentlemanly behavior and his sunny disposition. Daniel- I miss your smile, my dear friend…..

Steve LeFevre

Steve LeFevre served as the founding Dean of the Faculty, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Planning, and Professor of Political Science at CSU Channel Islands. Dr. Lefevre shaped the development of CI’s first academic programs, as well as many that followed. He played a key role in establishing CI’s culture of civility. Steve continued teaching until his death from esophageal cancer in 2011. His wife Susan continues to be part of the CI community as a lecturer in the University Experience program.

Lon Morton

Lon Morton was a family man who cared deeply about people, mentoring and making a difference. As a Foundation Board Member, Lon offered sound advice during his nearly 40-year career as Chief Executive officer and co-Chief Investment Officer of Morton Capital Management. However, his most important messages were about how to live life and treat others. Lon was an exemplary individual who led a life of zeal, determination and generosity. He fueled and improved everything he touched and he leaves a legacy of outstanding support for education, athletics and healthcare. We are extremely grateful for his loyalty and friendship.

Michael Ann Rockenstein

Michael Ann Rockenstein passed away in 2017. Graduating from Stevens College and USC, she soon met and married Paul, her husband of 52 years and began her career and family. Moving to Camarillo in 1977, Michael Ann continued serving her community as an educator, teacher, victim advocate, community advocate, and university administrator. Her dedication to the Camarillo community was recognized in 2016 when she was named a Dona by the Pleasant Valley Historical Society. She always supported her family, whether for sports, speech and debate, scouts, church, music and life and community events. As most know, music was an integral part of Michael Ann’s life. For years she was a cantor and singer for Padre Serra choir, sang with the Ventura County Master Chorale as well as the Channel Islands Choral Association. Michael Ann earned her law degree and applied her knowledge to help victims of domestic violence in the Ventura County District Attorney’s office for many years. She emphasized public service to her family, which instilled giving back to the community to help the vulnerable and less fortunate in our society.